Quality Assurance Program

NSYNC follows a strict process when assuring that quality is delivered on any project or task order. The process follows a CMMI process that we tailor to our projects as required. The task order manager is assigned an independent Quality Official ( QO) and the QO is responsible for reporting out that the quality metrics are being met, based upon task order, and these are reported timely back to the government task lead. The task order manager with the QO uses documented NSYNC processes to ensure that reviews and verifications required by these processes represent unbiased assessments on the quality of delivery our products and services. These QA processes include planning, tracking, reporting, scheduling, and leading QA activities at the project level as addressed in required QA Plans. Through independent and defined peer reviews, we ensure the clarity, compliance, presentation, completeness, and accuracy of all deliverables. Upon completion of any review, the QO verifies that all issues have been resolved and certifies the deliverable(s) before submission to the client. Additionally, all personnel are trained on the quality assurance requirements under each task order. Should a defect be discovered during any task order delivery, the QA plan is updated to reflect the change in process and these processes are then presented back to the team to ensure that future defects are avoided.

Customer Satisfaction

It is the goal of NSYNC to meet our customers level of satisfaction on any task order or delivery. Our success is measured by bringing true value to each and every customer through quality service delivery. If you require customer feedback, please feel free to reach out to us:

Christopher Wright- 972-641-7426 ex:1018 (Office) cwright@nsyncservices.com- Program Lead