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DIR’s Cooperative (Co-op) Contracts program is a streamlined cooperative purchasing program for state and local government, public education, and other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state. 

The DIR currently offers more than 650 cooperative purchasing contracts for technology products and services including hardware, software, staffing services, maintenance, and other services with a high customer demand, such as managed services and technology training.

Contract Overview
DIR negotiates pricing for a quantity of one. Customers are encouraged to negotiate additional discounts based on volume.DIR maintains a default administrative fee of .75 percent. To find more information on the DIR Contract Program Click Here.

Available Products & Services 
Cabling Services Pricing Located Here .  Pricing for available products and/or services under this contract are limited to those identified in the appendix.

Available Brands 
Chatsworth Products
Meru Networks

Why Buy from Co-op Contracts?

Save Time. All contracts have been competitively bid so you no longer have to prepare competitive solicitations or evaluate responses. DIR has done the time-consuming procurement work for you and has negotiated discounts on hundreds of products and services. Texas Government Code 2054.0565  states that the Co-op Contracts program meet the competitive requirements for all governmental entities. 

Save Money. The DIR leverages the volume buying power of the State of Texas to negotiate competitive pricing, which translates into big savings for your organization. You can negotiate even deeper discounts based on large volume purchases. 

Choose from a Wide Selection.  DIR usually awards multiple contracts for each product/service RFO so that you have a choice. At 650+ contracts and growing, The DIR has the products and services you are looking for. Choose from 20+ brands of computers, 1,100+ software titles, 35+ brands of printers, and much more, all available from multiple vendors. 

Experience the Convenience. The new and improved products and services search makes the buying process easy. You can browse by product type and sub-type, vendor, brand or HUB to locate the products you need. When you are ready to make a purchase, the DIR can connect you directly to the vendor with information on pricing, ordering process and other details.

How to place an Order 
Call 866-706-7962 or email to gwright@nsyncservices.com Once a DIR customer presents NSYNC Services with a request for service, we will then negotiate any additional terms, conditions and specific requirements. NSYNC Services will present a clear, concise and measurable description of the developed scope of work to the customer. 

This will consist of:

  • A detailed statement of work (SOW)
  • A detailed list of services to be provided
  • A pricing schedule (in accordance with DIR services contract)
  • Roles and responsibilities of vendor and DIR customers
  • Expectations, service levels, payment and work schedule.

As a condition of the DIR Agreement, NSYNC Services must ensure that the developed terms and conditions in any agreement cannot weaken a term or condition as stated within the sample DIR services contracts. NSYNC Services understands that effective support of contracted services is a result of maintaining consistent service levels. The following sections provide relevant details on service availability and guidelines in support of the DIR contracted services and related components.

Hub Order Fulfillers

CYSON Technology Group LLC.
Chris Wright
Phone: 214-518-6672
Email: cwright@cysontechnology.com

CYSON Technology Group LLC.
Barbara Wright
Phone: 214-518-6672
Email: bwright@cysontechnology.com


Telephone Support : 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday – Friday

Toll Free (866-706-7962) access is available to DIR customers in support of their requests for products and services. Calls received outside of office hours will be recorded via voicemail and returned by 10AM, next business day. To achieve the call response time, all inquiries must be emailed to gwright@nsyncservices.com. On site response will be determined by the End User Client needs. 

Email support: Monitored 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday – Friday
Emails to gwright@nsyncservices.com will be received by a team of inside and outside sales and support representatives. All emails received via the distribution mailbox will be communicated to the appropriate support team members assigned to the requesting customer. 

Project Scheduling
Scheduling of contracted services will be coordinated with NSYNC Services Operations Manager and each End User client in conjunction with current construction/project schedules. In the event that work is required to be completed in a compressed schedule time frame, NSYNC Services can mobilize quickly to provide onsite assistance. 

Warranties, Certifications and Returns 
NSYNC Services offers manufacturer warranties for all manufacturer compliant installations. Once the project has been qualified to meet the requirements of a manufacturer’s warranty, the registration begins within 30 days of the scheduled project completion. Warranty credentials are issued to the customer upon request.

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty,NSYNC Services will conditionally warrant and guarantee all workmanship which it has provided for a Lifetime period from the date of substantial project completion. Please call for additional details and qualifications. 

RETURN OF GOODS - Credit may be allowed for goods returned with prior approval. A deduction may be made from credits issued to cover cost of handling and restocking.