Structured Cabling
Consulting and Design

As a consultant, we can work with clients to solve problems with a clear plan of action for their present and future needs. From a single structure to a campus environment, our staff can help ensure the client’s facility is designed to meet their technology requirements.

From an investment point of view, a well-designed, structured cabling system will outlive all other networking components and will require only minimal upgrades.

Project Management

Many firms today simply don’t have the manpower or the expertise to be able to effectively administer a construction project. Having a strong project manager is equally critical to the leadership and direction of the work. Your project, small or large, will have an assigned project manager with a detailed understanding of your project to insure it is on-time and meets industry standards, as well as your specifications.

NSI has invested in its project managers to ensure they are up to the task, with many years of experience in all areas of project delivery. Our project managers developed their skill set through time in the field and understand what it takes to properly install cabling infrastructures and components. Furthermore, they have attended industry and manufacturer training to develop their knowledge and stay on the cutting edge of the latest technology. Our project managers will work closely with the client and attend engineering or construction meetings as required to gain a detailed understanding of client project requirements.

Technical Staff

Our technicians are factory certified to offer a quality, trouble-free, structured cabling system that not only performs flawlessly but is aesthetically pleasing.

Services Department

Often, existing and future clients find themselves in a constant state of growth and change. Our service department was established to assist our clients with their moves, adds and change activity that they encounter. Work area outlets can be quickly and easily relocated, added, or otherwise altered to suite changing client applications. Nsync Services maintains a department of certified service technicians and fully stocked company vans dedicated to this very important part of the cabling infrastructure.

We have the ability to respond to most emergencies that could occur with damaged copper or fiber optic cables. In most cases, work can be carried out with very short lead times and with the flexibility to work outside normal office hours if required. Work is completed on schedule and with the minimum of disruption to your existing routines.


We provide our clients with cable test records from industry standard test equipment that ensures their structured cabling system performs to industry standards. We also offer CADD as-built drawings both in soft and hard copy formats.

Nsync Services has the ability to document new and existing structured cabling for a clear understanding of our client’s structured cabling system.

We will provide clear, easily understood drawings that can be updated as needed so your staff, present or new, can easily become familiar with the cabling and other IT related infrastructures.

With new installation or MAC activity, comes satisfaction that your cables are tested to industry standards and documented.

Warranty Information

Newly proposed structured cabling projects include fully warranted "end-to-end" Category-5e, 6 and fiber optic solutions. This insures that our clients receive the best solution, installation, and warranty structure possible.

Initially, we offer a standard one (1) year warranty that covers all labor and materials used for your projects. With our manufacturing partners, we are able to offer extended warranties of 15 years-to-Lifetime. Please visit their websites for full warranty details.

Training, Safety and Quality Control

NSI strives to maintain a constant training schedule resulting in quality installations and an impeccable safety record.

Product knowledge and safety is important to success in the industry. We have an on-going training program with manufacturers products and in-house for safety and job management.

Nsync Services has a full-time Safety Officer in place that conducts site specific safety training giving us an excellent safety record. To help maintain quality in all of our installations, we conduct a project review after every install performed by the project managers and lead technicians.