Two Tips to Follow if You're Visually Impaired and Want to Book a Tarot Reading

If you want to book a tarot reading and you have a visual impairment, the tips presented might be of help to you.

Book a phone appointment with the tarot reader

If you're visually impaired, it would probably be simpler to book a phone appointment with a tarot reader, even if there are tarot readers in your neighbourhood who have brick-and-mortar premises where they do readings in front of their clients. Some people like to get their cards read in these kinds of physical premises because it allows them to look at the tarot cards whilst the psychic is drawing them. However, given that your impairment will probably prevent you from visually inspecting the cards and that looking at the cards can actually result in some confusion or misinterpretation of their meaning (as clients will sometimes come to their own misguided conclusions when they see certain images on a tarot card), there would be no real benefit to you going to a tarot reader's physical location to use this service.

It's also worth noting that if you were to go to a psychic's shop that you had never visited before, you could find yourself experiencing the temporary disorientation and uneasiness that comes with being in an unfamiliar environment that you cannot see. This could make the tarot reading experience challenging, as you might find the new noises in this setting to be quite disconcerting because you will not be able to immediately recognise them and then dismiss them as harmless due to your inability to see the source of these sounds. You might then become jumpy and inattentive.

Consider telling the tarot reader that you have a visual impairment

If you opt for a phone appointment, then it will not be immediately apparent to the tarot reader that you are visually impaired (although the tarot cards could potentially reveal this fact to them). Whilst you should not feel obliged to let them know about it, telling them before they start the reading might provide them with some clarification about the information they derive from the tarot cards, which could then allow them to then pass on this information to you in a more coherent manner.

For example, if you do not tell them about your impairment and the card that they draw which represents your future suggests that you will meet your next boyfriend or girlfriend whilst crossing a road, this might confuse the tarot reader, as they might not understand how a connection could be formed during such a fleeting experience.

However, if they were aware of your sight problems, they would know that you are probably more likely than most to interact with strangers when out in public because you occasionally need to ask them for help when doing things like crossing busy roads and that you would, therefore, have a greater chance of meeting someone in this way.